Connecting a USB DAC to PS4 or PS5

Many have asked about PS5 support this week. The JDS Labs Element II and Atom DAC are USB Audio Class 2 DACs (UAC2), and can be used with PS4 or PS5 by installing optional UAC1 firmware. 

You are welcome to describe your firmware request in the Shipping Notes field during checkout and we will load onto your DAC before shipment.

Setup is easy. On your console, navigate to:

Settings 🠚 Devices 🠚 Audio Devices 🠚 Output Device 🠚 JDS Labs Atom DAC UAC1


PS4 and PS5 are known to limit USB Audio output volume. All of our UAC1 firmware is locked to max volume as a workaround (you can still adjust volume at your console).

2 thoughts to “Connecting a USB DAC to PS4 or PS5”

  1. Thank you John and Jude for providing this firmware so promptly after the PS5 launch. I have used my Atom DAC with the PS5 for 2 days now and it works flawlessly. It is good to have a proper DAC feeding a clean and full output to my headphone and speaker amplifiers.

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