Introducing Atom Amp+ Hevi: Aluminum Knob, Rugged, Engravable

We’re pleased to present Atom Amp+ Hevi ! With around 40,000 Atom Amps and DACs shipped since 2018, we’ve been thrilled with its continued success. We’ve received more positive feedback than we ever could’ve expected, but we’ve also received some valid suggestions. That’s where the Atom Amp+ Hevi comes in.  Many have asked for an easier-to-grip knob. Done. Some balked at the lightweight build, so we made Atom Amp+ Hevi twice the weight. And thanks to its new thick, CNC’d aluminum top surface, you can optionally submit custom engraving artwork.

Hevi Explained

We originally envisioned an upgraded Atom enclosure with backwards compatibility to all Atoms dating back to 2018, all metal. We dreamed too big, and these ideas slowed us down. We’ve always loved the Atom design, and decided moving away from the core concept was a no-go. We believe Hevi gives our customers the best of both worlds in one rigid, budget-friendly design.

To support deeper knobs, we added a second set of pads to move the potentiometer forward.

Atom Amp+ Standard is unchanged from the original, using the default injection molded enclosure.

Atom Amp+ Hevi feels substantially more rigid, with internal standoffs bolting the new aluminum top surface to the circuit board. Its longer aluminum knob also feels more stable while adjusting volume.

The circuit board is the same whether you choose Standard or Hevi construction, so performance is the same either way. We’ve resisted the urge to alter Atom’s electronics for two reasons. First, performance is beyond human hearing. More importantly, Atom Amp+ has a proven track record. We know Atom is safe to use, consistently outlasts its warranty, and remains a top choice for rookies and seasoned headphone enthusiasts alike!

Atom DAC+ Hevi is also available with the same aluminum top.


Atom Amp+ Standard remains only $99 and Atom Amp+ Hevi adds just $15 USD. Atom DAC+ will also remain $109, while Atom DAC+ Hevi adds only $10.

Please keep in mind quantities of the first batch of Hevis are limited!

15 thoughts on “Introducing Atom Amp+ Hevi: Aluminum Knob, Rugged, Engravable”

  1. Can I upgrade my pre-plus Atom and will you offer this as a upgrade kit? I tried the taiss knob but the potentiometer doesn’t protrude outward enough so the set screw didn’t bite.

    1. @Jonathan – A kit is unlikely, as the larger knob requires moving the volume potentiometer forward. All v1.05 boards support both volume pot positions, but such a change necessitates a desolder gun and/or plenty of frustration. We began shipping v1.05 in mid 2022.

      The top is an easy swap.

      1. Ahh mine is probably a late 2020 or early 2021. The top seems worth it to keep it from moving around on my desk. How much are the tops?

  2. Love the name. For the price difference, it may not even make sense to keep selling the original Lite version.

  3. I was on the fence on whether or not to purchace based on reviews of the plastic housing. I bought a hevi stack this morning. Can’t wait. Thanks.

    1. Hi Trevor. Just noticed your post reg Atom+ Hevi stack.

      I’m in UK and want to buy this particular stack

      Where did you buy from? For me to buy from USA is price prohibitive but UK pricing a bit more straight forward.

      Hav a good day….D

      1. @DJM – Please note VAT is included in the shopping cart:

        Retailers Pay Taxes, Too!
        We are thankful for our retail partners and encourage customers to support them. Please recognize that prices from retailers will always be higher than US prices, as retailers must pay for international freight, import taxes, and their own operations. Taxes cannot be escaped!

  4. Good idea! I am fine with the original ones, but this solves one of the last issues with the product for many folks, I think.

    1. Hi folks.

      I was going to buy atom + stack. I have been put off by the flimsy feel of the pot on the amp.

      Good news is the introduction of the Atom + Hevi stack that feels better quality.

      Where in UK can I buy this stack?

      Many thank.

      1. While no stock is in the UK at the moment, please keep in mind that UK VAT is prepaid in the shopping cart (no extra costs to you)!

  5. After spending most of my free time this week digging through the dirt and wandering the rabbit hole of modern hifi equipment, I’m very happy to have arrived at this unit and placed my order today. I’ll be using it to drive an audio technica lp120 (built in preamp, line out) to some sennheiser hd650s’s and can’t wait to enjoy my vinyl collection again. My pc setup uses an AV receiver working as a DAC but may get the DAC to complete the stack down the road for flexibility.

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