Beware of Investment Scams Impersonating JDS Labs

** All traffic from Nigeria is currently directed to this page until further notice! **

It has come to our attention that unauthorized parties are fraudulently using the JDS Labs name, logo, and copyrighted content to promote illegitimate investment scams via social media and WhatsApp. Please be extremely cautious and vigilant.

JDS Labs Authenticity

  • Official Location: JDS Labs, Inc. is an American company, incorporated in the state of Illinois, USA. We are physically located at 909 N Bluff Rd in Collinsville, IL 62234 USA, and you can verify our contact information at
  • International Scams: Be aware that all identified scams have originated from various locations in Nigeria. JDS Labs has no operations or representatives in these regions. Any communication claiming to be from or linked to these areas is fraudulent.

Here are some key points to remember:

Official Communications: All legitimate communications from JDS Labs, Inc. will exclusively come from our official domain: Note that you are reading this announcement from a subdomain of the official domain,
If you receive any communication from other domains claiming to be us, it is fraudulent.

No Investment Schemes: JDS Labs, Inc. is privately held and wholly owned by its founder and President. We do not seek external investment capital. We fund every production run upfront, debt-free. Any claims of investment opportunities or daily returns in exchange for money or referrals are unequivocally false and should be reported to the social media network where it is found.

Reporting Suspicious Activity: If you encounter any suspicious activity, please notify us immediately. Our legal team responds swiftly to instances of fraud, trademark violations, and copyright infringements in order to protect the integrity of the JDS Labs brand.

In the month of December 2023, we received reports of fraudulent domains established by a single person, promoted via social media. Each site was shut down by its host within a matter of hours for abuse. We will not tolerate illegal or illegitimate activities.


John Seaber
President, JDS Labs, Inc.