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7 thoughts to “iPhone5S-Lightning-to-USB-DAC”

    1. Paul: Unfortunately not. The CCK enables output of a UAC1 digital audio stream. The cable above lacks Apple’s USB authentication circuitry, so it can only be used with MFi certified devices.

  1. So if I’m going from iPhone 5S to a small desktop amplifier that has a USB type B input (Topping VX2), will I need the hub?
    Or can I get the apple cable & connect it to my USB A to B cable ?

    1. Scott – Check with the DAC manufacturer. Self-powered, UAC1 DACs need the suggested Apple Lightning to USB cable. Only MFI certified DACs can use an ordinary USB cable. Bus powered UAC1 DACs may or may not require a hub, depending on the DAC’s configuration and Apple’s latest iOS requirements.

      1. thanks for the quick reply – I have no idea who makes the DAC – its integrated into the Topping amplifier. The amp did include a USB 2.0 A-Male-to-B-Male if that means anything.
        Thanks again.

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