Cyber Monday – O2 Front Panels!

It’s doubtful I can convey anything more worthwhile than the pictures, so here’s this week’s big news:

Looks amazing, doesn’t it? Nick had a difficult time stepping away from the 3D model:

Our JDS Labs branded O2 front panels and fully assembled O2’s are available now for preorder.

c421: Quality Inspection 3

Continuing from our last update, the third batch of c421 cases arrived last week. To our great dismay, the manufacturer damaged our $1500 custom die (a tool to make the cases), so batch #3 turned out far worse than the first two batches. Instead of scratches, batch #3 pieces weren’t even the correct shape.

We’re moving case production to a high precision aluminum manufacturer. These guys understand the perfection we’re seeking and will ship nothing less than excellent. Since they’re starting from scratch, it will be February before final c421 cases are ready.

All c421 preorders will be shipped this week in batch #2 cases. You will be able to request a final case for free in February. Batch #2 cases aren’t terrible; they’re simply not up to our standards. Keep watching for more updates…

Side note: We had no trouble with c421 front panels. O2 panel production really will be done by January! We’ll post a “lessons learned” story when this mess is finished.

2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday – O2 Front Panels!”

  1. Hi! Have the non-enclosed pre-assembled O2 amps been shipped already?
    Also, do you have a reference file for the front panel and enclosures we can use? We plan to have a custom enclosure made locally instead.

    1. Schein,

      Yes, all assembled O2 boards (without enclosures) have shipped.

      Our fully assembled O2’s use the Box B2-080 enclosure. We posted an alternative O2 model on Thingiverse. Front panels are based on the open source files provided by NwAvGuy. Because our artwork is JDS Labs branded, it cannot be distributed.

      If you need 25+ front panels, contact us for bulk pricing.

      I don’t recommend producing the aluminum extrusion locally. Even if you have an affordable aluminum extruder, a typical minimum run is 500lbs + custom die cost. You’ll have to buy several hundred, if not thousand enclosures. While the per piece cost may be low, this is a multi-thousand dollar investment. And, Box B2-080’s have one of the finest aluminum finishes we’ve seen. You don’t want to compete with them. Even if you get the price under $5/enclosure, people will pay $10 for the B2-080. See also our c421 Quality Control stories…

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