Announcing OL DAC – USB Edition

With the growing success of OL DAC, JDS Labs presents OL DAC – USB Edition:

As we doubled the size of our most recent OL DAC production run, we acknowledged that only some of you add TOSLINK cables to your cart. Most only want USB input and never touch the optical jack. So, we removed the unnecessary S/PDIF controller and I2S routing circuitry to create OL DAC – USB Edition.

OL DAC – USB Edition offers driverless USB audio and remains 100% AC powered, like the original OL DAC, now aptly titled Optical + USB Edition. All performance meets or exceeds that of the original OL DAC. We’re pleasantly surprised to report that removal of the I2S MUX bumps USB Jitter components @11025Hz from an already excellent -116dB to -120dB!


Optical + USB Edition


USB Edition

Standalone ODAC
Price $139 $99 $149
USB Input Yes Yes Yes
Optical Input Yes No No
Muting Relay Yes No No
AC Powered Yes Yes No

For a deeper technical comparison, please see ODAC vs. OL DAC.

*Update Nov 19, 2017*

Since posting this announcement on Wednesday, several have asked, “What is relay muting?”

Relay muting means that the DAC creates absolutely no pops or thumps when turned on/off. Many amplifiers and DACs on the market may make a sound when turned on or off, which can be bothersome in some situations, especially with large speakers or sensitive headphones.

OL DAC Change Log

  • v1.10 USB Edition – November 2017: Same as v1.10, minus optical input and relay muting.
  • v1.10 –  July 2017: Added relay muting.
  • v1.00 – November 2016:  Initial release.

4 thoughts to “Announcing OL DAC – USB Edition”

    1. ‘Optical only’ is actually how OL DAC began. Few early testers could find a use for it, and demanded USB instead. So we released OL DAC with both USB and optical inputs. Then many asked for USB Only, so we removed the optical circuit recently. Demand would need to be 10x higher to warrant releasing an optical only version.

      Thus, the original OL DAC is your best option at only $139.

      1. Ok now I will give u a better idea….
        Try to make OPTICAL+COAXIAL version of OL DAC ……..PLZ
        Because now every modern audio player comes with COAXIAL OUT function (all fiio players)
        It will be worth using as standalone dac for home without using computer plz think about it….

  1. I m Being greedy…..
    One more idea…….
    I am using ol dac (optical + USB) version with my jbl lsr305 and it work fine with my computer.
    But when I purchased my Samsung 32m5570 TV which have Bluetooth (2way) and optical out …..
    Now I m using ol dac connected with optical out of TV and stream my music through mobile and I found no degradation in sound quality..
    So….. Bluetooth in

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