JDS Labs EL Amp II is now EL Amp II+

JDS Labs EL Amp II+

We’ll keep this short and promise this is the last major update for now.

EL Amp II is now EL Amp II+, following the same chipset upgrades applied to Atom Amp+.


EL Amp II+ increases SINAD from 114dB to 119dB at low gain, and from 105dB to 110dB at high gain. All other parameters measure similarly.


EL Amp II+
Frequency Response, 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.01dB
SINAD @ 2VRMS, 1kHz 119 dB
SINAD @ 50mV, 1kHz 90 dB
Noise (20-20kHz) 1.99 μV
Crosstalk @ 10kHz -85 dB
SNR (20-20kHz) > 122 dB
Dynamic Range (AES17) > 120 dB
Input Impedance 10k Ω
Output Impedance 0.1 Ω
Max Continuous Power @ 600Ω
160mW (9.8VRMS)
Max Continuous Power @ 150Ω
650 mW (9.8 VRMS)
Max Continuous Power @ 32Ω
1.3 W (6.56 VRMS)


EL Amp II+ is In Stock. For those who ordered EL Amp II after May 12th 2021, you received a free upgrade to EL Amp II+ in an unmarked enclosure. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “JDS Labs EL Amp II is now EL Amp II+”

    1. The 9mm Alps pot used in Element II and EL Amp II+ is a different, vertical potentiometer. Its gang matching is generally better than the horizontal Alps pop due to the absence of an integrated switch.

    1. @Yannick Crosstalk of both is excellent. The original Atom Amp’s crosstalk measured at about -86dB. Crosstalk is rarely discussed or perceived at these levels. Also keep in mind it’s limited by the unbalanced signal pathway, especially the TRS headphone jack itself. I would not place too much stock in the surprising increase in Atom Amp+’s crosstalk spec @ 10k. The difference is not audible. You’re still primarily limited by the 1/4″ jack. This is why crosstalk figures from our DACs are superior: RCA jacks are better than 1/4″ jacks. But again, not audible.

    1. @Andrew – The same changes applied to Element II have no significant impact on benchmark performance. We will continue producing Element II and EL DAC II while AK4493 stock allows.

  1. First of all, thanks for always answering quickly, I’m not alone in saying we appreciate it!!

    Secondly, any plans in the making for a fully balanced dac & amp?

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