UPDATE – November 29, 2020: Only essential production and shipping staff are permitted into our facility at this time. Our front doors remain locked during business hours, while we accept incoming shipments outside, monitored by security camera. We have replaced some manual labor with robots. All announcements from April 2020 remain in effect. Thank you!

UPDATE – June 4, 2020: Also see Strange Measures for Strange Times – Atom Amp Status

UPDATE – April 15, 2020: We appreciate the kind words, patience, and support everyone has provided during these past four weeks. Our team is still safe and largely working from home, while limited staff has managed to ship about 95% of orders within 1-3 days. In no particular order, please keep in mind the following additional impacts:

  • Domestic USPS Shipments: Postal pickups have been delayed by 1-2 days. Choose UPS or FedEx for fastest departure.
  • USPS International Shipments: We have temporarily removed USPS First Class International due to service delays and suspensions.
  • Tracking and Delivery: UPS and FedEx have suspended transit time guarantees, although most shipments are arriving on time. Please anticipate tracking and delivery delays from all carriers.
  • DIY Kits: Our kitting assemblers are on paid leave. Please allow an extra 2-5 days for DIY kits to ship.
  • Retailers: Sorry, we are unable to accept B2B orders while operating with limited staff. B2B orders will promptly resume when our full staff returns, April 30th May 30th.

To reiterate, the State of Illinois has extended the Shelter in Place measure to April 30th May 30th and all safety precautions described below remain in effect.

UPDATE – March 26, 2020: To keep you and our team safe, only one employee is currently permitted to ship orders at this time. Most employees are working from home. Orders are departing within 1-2 days, unless otherwise noted on a product page.

UPDATE – March 20, 2020: The State of Illinois has issued a ‘Shelter in Place’ protective measure effective March 21st through April 7th  April 30th May 30th. JDS Labs employees will work from home where possible, and shipping may be unavailable. We will continue to provide phone and email support during this time. Orders will ship as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

March 16, 2020: With the recent state of emergency declaration in Illinois due to COVID-19, we want to update you on what JDS Labs is doing to keep our customers and team safe. Until announced otherwise, JDS Labs is operational and we are shipping orders.

Concerning our team, we’ve implemented a fairly intense building lockdown and social distancing policy. Employee travel is disallowed, our demo room is closed, and we are mandating a quarantine period through March 31st for those who have recently traveled.

As part of our standard quality control procedure, each JDS Labs product receives a disinfectant wipedown at the time of final packaging. We have expanded disinfectant wipedowns to include all shipments into and out of our facility.

Luckily, JDS Labs manufactures a massive amount of our parts inhouse and utilizes local suppliers wherever possible. The initial worldwide effects of COVID-19 have so far been minimal to current inventory, only delaying replenishment of our Stack RCA Cables and AC transformers. All of our global partners are safely back to work.

As most of you expect, the JDS Labs Atom DAC is nearing availability. Product announcements tend to produce a rush of traffic requiring all hands on deck. As eager as we are to share more, please understand that employee and customer safety remain our highest priority.

We’ll post immediately if we feel that changes in our area will affect our ability to ship orders to you in a timely manner. Thank you all so much for your kind words and questions concerning our business.

20 thoughts on “On COVID-19”

  1. Nice to know the JDS Labs Atom DAC is not Fake News.
    Can’t wait to hear more about it. Maybe everything about it once a release date is a certainty.
    Any teasers?

  2. Good luck with the Atom DAC! I am sure it will be a massive success. It may be the only reasonable option for us Canadians until the exchange rate normalizes. Can you spill any beans on what chip it is based on?

    1. Hey Jason! We are not taking pre-orders at this time and will share more information as soon as we’re able to.

  3. Thank you for the detailed update. Reading about your situation and safety protocols made me feel better about ordering a much-needed replacement power supply during these unusual times.

    Love my Atom amp. Best of luck with the upcoming DAC release, I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait!

  4. Ordered my DIY 3-band EQ on March 29th and received it safe and CoVid-19 free (hopefully!) this morning in Kuala Lumpur. Great job, guys. Stay safe!

    1. Fair question! We’re trying to avoid preorders and backorders to the extent possible.

      The first batch of Atom DACs will be assembled, tested, and packaged this week. Stock will be available upon announcement.

  5. Would you send an sample to the “audiosciencereview.com” reviewer?

    Do you have this in mind?

    Greetings from Germany

  6. How is the company doing post release of Atom DAC? Please stay alive 😀 Big Atom Amp fan here.

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