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  1. Knowing JDS Labs, it’s going to be a portable amp+dac not much bigger than the C5 amp, and super neutral and transparent like the C5 and O2 and ODAC. My only wish is to make it able to extract usb audio from smartphones like the xduoo and upcoming fiio E18 amp+dac. To my knowledge, there is no such unit on the market that can give me a comparable sound to the O2+ODAC.

    1. You’re close.

      Extracting audio from Android is a mess, even with the newest devices. See here:

      In particular:

      USB audio class interface that is capable of 2 channel 16-bit PCM audio with a bit rate of 44100 Khz. AOA 2.0 is currently limited to this output mode, but additional audio modes may be added in the future.

      So even when a DAC is rated for 24-bit audio at 96kHz+, Android limits operation to 16/44.1k. To achieve higher fidelity, you must still use apps like USB Audio Recorder Pro. There’s no incentive aside from marketing for us to pursue native Android support, until Google improves Android.

    1. Mike,

      Our new amp+DAC is called C5D. We’re very close to release–just finishing up website content/photos.


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