Preparing for May – ODAC and New Office

ODAC Progress

Those seeking to retrofit their O2’s with an ODAC can now preorder the O2+ODAC rear endplate for the Box B2-080 enclosure:

Not sure why this rendering is so dark (Nick?!). They’ll match our O2 Front Plates.

We’ve switched to a specialty machine shop based in Silicon Valley. Artwork on new endplates will be laser etched instead of silkscreened. Cost is slightly higher, but overall machining quality of our O2 and ODAC plates will be better than ever.

All ODAC options are now available for preorder:

  • Assembled ODAC Board
  • Standalone ODAC
  • O2+ODAC Combos

The assembled ODAC board is sold barely above wholesale price, at the request of NwAvGuy’s manufacturer. This is to keep the DIY project cost low. Longer explanation here.

We’re Moving!

Our case manufacturer asked for a favor earlier this week. He’s speaking today at a big corporate meeting and needed to show off a customer with “the most interesting application”. We provided a short summary:

Growing so quickly hasn’t been easy. We’ve streamlined most tasks to keep up with production and shipping, but now we’re out of space. So, we’re moving 1 mile down the road to a new office in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

18 thoughts on “Preparing for May – ODAC and New Office”

  1. Nice. I’ve been waiting for the O2+ODAC combo preorder. Couple questions:

    Is there an option for NA power supply for the O2+ODAC combo like there is for the O2?

    Also if I preorder the 02+ODAC combo now will I get the new laser etched plates?

        1. Our store lists included items for every amp and DAC under the heading “Included”. Correct, the O2+ODAC combo does not include a power adapter.

          We ship to 200+ countries. Since the power adapter we stock is only usable in North America (and Brazil), it’s listed as a separate item: Triad 12VAC Adapter.

  2. Hi,
    I have an unusual request. Is it possible that I buy an ODAC board only right now and if needed I buy an enclosure for it from you at a later time. I will be willing to pay whatever the price difference is for the enclosure. The reason is that I want to try making a wood enclosure for the board but I am not sure how good it will look once ready. You enclosure ofcourse looks awesome.

    1. PK: We don’t have ODAC PCBs in stock. It’s a 49.0 x 58.0mm board. We can provide a 3D printed prototype of the board if that would help.

      1. I think there has been a slight misunderstanding. I meant buying a pre-populated board for $99 and then having an option to buy just the enclosure at a later time. Is that possible?

  3. Hi John, a new cmoyBB owner here. Ive searched the forum and cant find any information on what I’d like to ask. Can you post pictures of your shop and how us the assembly process, different tools and machines used, etc? That would be really cool to see all that.

  4. Hey there, will the panels for the C421 become laser etched too? If so, will it be possible to buy the new version of the panels?

    Thanks again for the great product

    1. Eventually, yes. The biggest reason we’re switching methods is because of the number of endplates we’ve had to reject due to minor silkscreen errors. Such flaws should never happen with laser etched parts.

  5. Couple of questions:

    1. What is the 3.5mm jack that is soldered to ODAC? Can you send the part number or stock it?
    2. I think there is a new enclosure being designed. Will there be an option to buy a faceplate for that enclosure?

    1. 1. The 3.5mm jack and nylon washers for ODAC will be stocked any minute now. That was a top priority today.

      2. Yes, we’ll post our ODAC enclosures and endplates in the store as soon as possible. Production of new enclosures takes time, but they’re only a few weeks away.

  6. Hey there, where do you recommend I buy an european adapter for O2, as your store only has the american one ?

  7. hello, i would like to know when is pre order available for the the 0bjective dac/amp combo… cant wait to get my hands on them
    any official date they ship in yet?

    1. Most ODAC and O2+ODAC preorders have already shipped. All remaining preoroders will ship as soon as endplates arrive. We expect all orders to be filled by Tuesday.

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