Announcing Codename “c421”

We’re past due on several announcements, but not due to a lack of content. In fact, we’ve been exceptionally busy this spring.

After returning from Silicon Valley last week, I was thrilled to see a package from Advanced Assembly at my office. Inside were two recently completed “c421” prototype headphone amplifiers:

A first look at codename c421, Prototype II (v0.84) - May 2011

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Behind the Scenes: PCB Design

This week we have a brand new blog! Just a couple days ago we received a curious inquiry:

“You’ve done a stellar job with improvement from the original [cMoy] design. I am blown away by the PCB work as well. What software did you use to design it, and did you design it yourself? It is definitely a work of art.”

So, here’s a behind the scenes look. Read More