OL DAC: The People’s Filter

Understanding some customers’ want for customization, we placed an Easter egg in OL DAC  for you to filter the sound however you see fit!


If you wish to experiment with the sound signature of your OL DAC, we left pads for a 3-position DIP switch on the PCBs, Omron Part# A6SN-3104. Ask for it when ordering and we’ll be glad to pre-install.

Edit: AKM provides a summary of the available filters:

AK4490EQ Interpolation Filters [Source: AKM]
AK4490EQ Interpolation Filters [Source: AKM]

Behind the Scenes: PCB Design

This week we have a brand new blog! Just a couple days ago we received a curious inquiry:

“You’ve done a stellar job with improvement from the original [cMoy] design. I am blown away by the PCB work as well. What software did you use to design it, and did you design it yourself? It is definitely a work of art.”

So, here’s a behind the scenes look. Read More