Backorders and New Website

First of all, we published a huge site update last night. JDS Labs no longer relies on the PayPal shopping cart!

We’ve been testing and revising the new site for 2 months. If you see anything out of place, do not hesitate to send us a note.

ODAC Backorders

Short Story: ODACs began shipping at 11am yesterday.

Long Story: The second batch of ODAC boards were scheduled to arrive about 2 weeks ago. They did arrive on time, but every single board was defective due to a production error. This wasn’t our mistake, but a PCB production issue which affected 100% of ODACs supplied to every single distributor worldwide. Ouch.

Amazingly, the ODAC assembler managed to fix 1500 boards in just 1 week. A+ to them!

We finally received a partial shipment of ODACs at 11am yesterday, July 31 (more arriving Friday). This gave us only five hours to assemble, test, and ship 5+ weeks backorders…

We managed to ship 2 weeks worth of backorders by the end of the day. If our site listed an arrival date of “July 31” when you ordered, we’re doing everything possible to ship today.

While we’re busy shipping backorders, here are a couple ODAC pictures taken last Friday:

Upcoming 49mm ODAC Case (for orders after July 27)

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    1. Wasn’t me! Those are all Nick’s work. He requested that I delay new blog posts until at least tomorrow (needs a chance to machine more).

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