c421 Pre-order Goes Live

Someone reminded us that we haven’t posted a c421 update in “forever”. Today’s your day:

  • The c421 preorder page is now up! Note that the release date is tentative, so the page cannot yet be found through our store, and the formal announcement e-mail has not been sent out. We’ll send the official message when the date is 100% certain.
  • Features, specifications, and a description of c421 can be found on the preorder page.
  • Fewer than 95 amps are available for pre-order.
  • Price: $169

Quality Inspection 1…

The first batch of enclosures arrived Monday, but we rejected the shipment due to a total lack of packaging. Every single case was scratched. I don’t know about you, but if I’m paying $169 for a device, it better look decent! The manufacturer is redoing the job immediately. This sets us back 1-3 weeks, but high quality is more important than speed.


Assembled c421 circuit boards are scheduled for arrival by October 24th [Edit: Arrived OCt-21]. If you preorder now and get impatient, we can send the amp in a temporary rejected enclosure. You can order another enclosure later for the cost of shipping. Just send us a note.

October 31 is the earliest expected shipment date. Realistically, we anticipate all preorders to ship by November 14.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

It’s 1PM Wednesday and I’m scrambling to fly out to Denver for the 2011 RMAF. We’re not exhibiting, however, I will be wandering around the show. Tweet (@jdslabs), e-mail, text, or call if you’d like to hear c421!

15 thoughts to “c421 Pre-order Goes Live”

  1. Ordered the wife will kill me but it’s worth it… Can’t wait, something to look forward to best of luck with the launch Kind Regards, MRM.

  2. I own a Yuin PK1 and a recabled UE Triplefi 10. I also used to own a cMoy v2.03 and it worked great with the Triplefi until I lost it on a trip. Which op amp configuration should I go for?

  3. so, um, the price went up $20? Ugh.

    Not that I begrudge you charging what you need to, it just might have jumped out of my price range.

    1. Customers and reviewers said that at this price point ($100-$200) they’d rather pay a little extra for a better case. Final case manufacturing added $5, better end panels added $9, and we’ve made several PCB manufacturing improvements that all added up to about $20 in production costs. These improvements are at cost–no markup. We’re actually making very little on c421. In fact, the project would’ve been discontinued if reviews weren’t so positive.

      A longer explanation will be posted after release.

  4. I have a pair of modded Fostex T50RP, however, my DAP does not have a line out only a headphone out (Hifisound Rocco-D Power) I am wondering if the c421 would be for me.


    1. Daemos: While a line-level signal is always preferred, many people use the headphone output of their source with their amps (c421 or other). An amp presents an “easier” load to your source. Set a high source volume at the DAP; both SNR and THD will improve, along with output power. Therefore, yes, c421 will provide a boost in quality for you.

  5. Do you think this will do with Melodic Death metal and a pair of HD25-1 II + Ipod touch 4g+FiiO l9 LOD ?

      1. So is it AD8620 or AD8066 that i should get for them ? I have a simple guitar use for them as well since i play guitar , i need an amp that could work with a guitar properly (Guitar(iBanez GRG270B)->Digitech RP255->amp->Headphone(HD25-1 II))!
        I may consider buying another headphone but i’m buying this amp for portable use with my ipod and portable cans only .

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