JDS Labs Changes

JDS Labs has undergone many behind-the-scenes changes over the past few months. Orders are now processed through a custom database, which means even faster shipments, new packing slips, and new order confirmation e-mails. A new website is under construction as well, hopefully to be finished by the end of the year.

Additionally, a European version of the Bill of Materials page is under construction to aid do-it-yourselfers. This page will remain a work in progress until a more complete list can be compiled.

Last, an improved headphone jack became available in mid-September (Kycon part #STX-3100-9C). These jacks are threaded, so as to match the input jack; the -9C parts also give the cMoyBB’s headphone jack superior durability over the older -9N jacks. All amplifiers built after September 2009 use -9C parts.

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